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Air Purification

Air Purification
Having an air purifier in your home means no more suffering from indoor allergies! Many studies show that air purifiers reduce the amount of pollution in the air indoors. Many people have already switched to an air purifier in their home or workplace. It is hard to resist the health benefits and clean, breathable air. So don’t hesitate! Get in touch with our Denver air purification professionals today! Call us at 303-468-2294. You can also visit us here at Brothers Plumbing, Heating and Electric at 12249 Pennsylvania St., Thornton, Colorado 80241.

Our team of Denver air purification professionals is always standing by to help you with your air quality problems. Give us a call or fill out the form by clicking a “Schedule Service” button today!

So, How Does An Air Purifier Work?

There are many unseen air pollutants in the average home/business. Pet dander, pollen, spores, bacteria, and even viruses can live in the air. Often, the constant air circulation provided by an HVAC/cooling system agitates these problems. Our air purifiers pull air through the intake and the clean air passes through the filter, while the pollutants get caught on the filter itself. By the time the air has circulated through the room a few times, almost all the air contaminants have been removed!

Long Term Benefits

Not only will you be breathing cleaner air, but as a result of keeping an air purifier running, you can actually live healthier. Air contaminants can worsen many different health problems including: asthma, headaches, and allergies. By removing most of the air particles in a room, these contaminants will not have as much of a chance to make an impact on the affected individual.

HEPA Filters

What is a HEPA air filter? It is an air filter that has passed rigorous energy and filtering standards. HEPA filters are known to be the best in the industry. While it is known that blocking out all of the harmful contaminants in the air can make a huge difference to one’s personal health, getting a HEPA filter prevents the excess ozone from being generated from ionizing air purifiers. Ionizing air purifiers work by charging the particles that get caught in the filter with static electricity to neutralize them.

Think your home or business could benefit from cleaner, healthier air? Then give us and our team of Denver air purification professionals a call today!