Aurora Water Heaters

In Aurora, Brothers Plumbing Heating and Electric specialize in water heater repair. Our professionally trained technicians follow all safety regulations and guidelines to provide peace of mind and the best customer service possible. Ask about our guarantee on products and services. We offer outstanding guarantees and stand behind our products and services provided. Brothers Plumbing Heating and Electric water heater repair in Aurora can repair all makes and models of water heaters on the spot. Our technicians carry the parts and tools needed to fix nearly any problem at the time of service. We are your Aurora water heater repair specialists and take pride in providing top-notch service every time. As a bonus, we clean up after ourselves and wear protective coverings on shoes and clothing to minimize the mess. At Aurora water heaters, we work hard to satisfy you.

Choosing Water Heaters in Aurora

There are two primary types of water heaters in Aurora. They are:

  • Tankless Water Heaters
    Tankless water heaters are just what they sound like: water heaters that do not have or store hot water in a large storage tank. Instead, tankless water heaters heat water on an on-demand basis. These water heaters are best for homes and businesses that employ fewer than 40 gallons of hot water every day.
  • Traditional Aurora Water Heaters
    Traditional water heaters in Aurora are, by far, the most common type of water heater in the area. Like tankless water heaters, conventional water heaters heat water using gas or electricity. However, the primary difference is that traditional water heaters then store the hot water in a large storage tank for later use. As a result, these water heaters are best for homes and businesses that use more than 40 gallons of hot water every day.

Clear Signs You Need Our Aurora Water Heater Repair Service

One of the most common questions our team of Aurora water heater experts gets asked is: “Do I need water heater repair in Aurora?” Well, to help answer this question, our team of plumbing professionals has put together a list of common plumbing problems that point towards you needing professional Aurora water heater repair services. That list includes things like:

  • No hot water when called
  • Smelly or foul-tasting hot water
  • Rust-colored or cloudy, hot water
  • Strange noises coming from your water heater
  • Leaks or flooding around your water heater

Any of these symptoms may signify that you need water heater repair in Aurora.

Our Pros Can Determine If You Need Our Aurora Water Heater Replacement Service

Our professionals can determine if you need our Aurora water heater replacement service or if a simple repair will take care of the problem. We will provide you with an estimate before beginning any repair or replacement services, with no hidden fees or costs. A water heater replacement in Aurora by Brothers Plumbing Heating and Electric ensures installation is correct and completed to industry standards. We are happy to repair your Aurora water heaters when they require repair, not when we have the time to come out. A malfunctioning water heater needs prompt attention to restore function into the water heater and to determine if a safety risk is present.

We Have The Knowledge For A Water Heater Replacement In Aurora

Our highly trained professionals know to complete gas or electric water heater replacement in Aurora, including proper wiring and plumbing. Our Brothers Plumbing Heating and Electric’s professionals provide you with true, complete services, from Aurora water heater repair and replacement services to professional plumbing, heating, and air conditioning services as well. Do not trust important jobs to just any plumber. Brothers Plumbing Heating and Electric’s is top priority in providing safe and correct repairs and installing water heaters. Our goal is to provide outstanding service and repair no matter how large or small the job by our Aurora water heaters team.