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Spring Forward

It has definitely been a cold and snowy winter. However, there are sunny and beautiful days just around the corner. Spring is on the way, and one of the early indications that spring is coming is the start of Daylight Savings Time. With this thought in mind, it is time to “SPRING” into action. Things… Read more »

Valentine’s Day Plumbing Tips

Today is Valentine’s Day! Traditionally, couples spend the night out in the town or at a romantic restaurant. Well, at least they used to. However, more and more couples opt for a night in rather than going out for Valentine’s day. We don’t blame you. Everyone likes a home-cooked meal, and you can avoid the… Read more »

DIY Plumbing | What Not To Flush

  What Not to Flush “It’ll be fine” are often the last words that go through many of our customers’ heads right before they see water filling up in the toilet bowl rather than draining. Don’t worry. You aren’t alone. The good news is that most of your toilet clogs are avoidable by throwing certain… Read more »

Winter Hints Tips Reminders

Winter is in full swing, and if you didn’t take the time to prepare, now is the time to tackle all those home maintenance items. Many of these winter hints are easy things that you can do yourself. Still, your furnace or any other primary heating or cooling unit and your sprinklers need to be… Read more »

Protect Your Family With Cleaner Air!

With so many viruses and allergens, we at Brothers Plumbing, Heating & Electric want to tell you about a piece of equipment we’ve been installing for years, the REME Halo air purification system. We have always recommended air purification systems to those who have respiratory trouble. Still, we are now also recommending the REME Halo… Read more »