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DIY Plumbing | How To Winterize Your Home

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Winter is almost here! That means that your home is gonna need some love. With our help, you can save money on your electric bills and keep all that precious warmth inside your house rather than losing it to the outside. This holiday season, give yourself the gift of home winterization. We promise you won’t… Read more »

Thanksgiving Hints and Tips

Many people have started to prepare with Thanksgiving upon us and are getting ready for the upcoming holiday. But did you know that for Brothers Plumbing Technicians, Thanksgiving is the single busiest day of the year? In fact, plumbing problems spike by 50 percent the day after Thanksgiving — and it’s no doubt why. Just… Read more »

Don’t Forget To Set Your Clocks Back!

Sunday, November 1, 2020, it’s time to “Fall Back” one hour with Daylight Savings Time! Setting the clock back an hour means it’s time for a seasonal safety check! As you circle the house preparing for Daylight Savings Time by setting the clocks back, you can SAVE time with this short safety checklist. It’ll launch… Read more »

Prepare for Winter 2020 – Pre-Winter Home Service Tips and Tricks

With an extra hour in the day — and winter on the way — it’s a good time for a seasonal home preparedness checklist! Winter is coming! It’s practically here! As you circle the house, resetting clocks, decorating, and making merry, always make sure you leave some time to run through this short checklist of… Read more »

Improve Your Water Heater’s Energy Efficiency and Save Money!

Learn how to improve your water heater’s efficiency and perhaps even lower your utility bills. There are a few ways to help prolong your water heater’s life and keep it in top working order. Following these six tips, each year may help you have a longer tank life expectancy, lower energy bills, and minimize damage… Read more »