Denver Electrical Outlets

Over time, Denver electrical outlets wear out and need replacement. Our certified electricians can update your home or business circuits and outlets so that they are up to code, ensuring peace of mind and safety.

Our Denver outlet replacement services include:

  • 1: Replacement of two-prong to a three-prong
  • 2: Installing GFCI receptacles
  • 3: Replace TV cable outlet and install new cable
  • 4: Installation of tamper-resistant receptacles for the protection of small children
  • 5: Built in Night Light Outlet Covers
  • 6:Fix broken outlets
  • 7: Installation of USB Outlets

What Kinds Of Denver Electrical Outlets Are Right For Me?

The kind of electrical outlet that is right for your home or business depends on several factors. If you have children, then tamper-resistant outlets would be a good choice. If you have many USB devices, then USB outlets would be the way to go. No matter what kind or kinds of outlets you need, we guarantee we can help. Give our team of reliable electricians a call today, and we can help you figure out what outlets will be best for your home or business.

USB Outlet Installation in Denver

Our team of reliable electricians here at Brothers Plumbing and Electric can install and maintain USB outlets. USB outlets are just like traditional outlets, but they have USB ports in them, so you can quickly charge your USB devices without the need for a special USB power supply. They can help cut outlet clutter down, and they look/work great.

There are a few things to consider when it comes to these outlets. Things like whether or not the amperage output is enough to charge your devices, how many ports the outlet has, and what shape and size of the outlet are all essential to consider. USB outlets are one of the most convenient additions to home electrical wiring that have come about in the last few years. Give us a call or stop on by to discuss your options for the installation of new USB outlets in your home or business.

Your Go-To Source For Denver Outlet Installation And Service

We are the go-to company for Denver electrical outlet installation and service of any kind. We can install cable outlets, power outlets, USB outlets, and more. No matter the severity or complexity of your need for outlet installation or service, we’re the company to call.  So the next time you need any kind of help with your Denver electrical outlets, do not hesitate to call Brothers Plumbing, Heating And Electric.