Ceiling Fans

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When you are need of ceiling fan repair in Denver, reach out to the experts at Brothers Plumbing Heating & Electric. With more than 30 years of servicing the Denver area, our team has the skill and knowledge to get the job done right. From ceiling balancing and installations to maintenance and repairs, contact the Denver ceiling fan experts at Brothers Plumbing Heating & Electric.

Saving Money With Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans will help you save on energy in the summer by creating constant air movement. The airflow lowers the temperature of the skin by a couple of degrees- making it feel a lot cooler to the occupants. This drop in a couple of degrees is a lot less expensive than the energy it would take to run your air-conditioner. Since the fan cools you and not the space, only turn it on when you are in the room. Doing so will save tons on energy costs!

How does a ceiling fan save on energy costs in the winter?

Ceiling fans can even help you save money during the cold winter months. By reversing the blades to spin clockwise, the fan will pull warm air down from the ceiling, which will help keep you warm and cozy.

Common Ceiling Fan Issues

Denver ceiling fans may develop issues if you don’t do regular maintenance, or it wasn’t installed correctly. Some of the most common problems the Denver ceiling fan team has come across over the years include:

  • Off Pitch Blades: When installing ceiling fans in Denver, it is always essential to make sure that all the fan blades have been measured and placed the same to ensure the highest efficiency
  • Blade Weight: One of the most common issues Denver Ceiling fan operators find is different weighted fan blades. When installing ceiling fans in Denver, it is essential to make sure each fan blade is the same weight and size. Heavier fan blades will cause fans to become off balance creating inefficient cooling and putting extra wear on the motor.

Contact The Ceiling Fan Professionals in Denver

If you would like to avoid the most common issues with ceiling fans then, contact the Brothers Plumbing Heating & Electric ceiling fans team. Our team of skilled professionals offers all the top-named brands of ceiling fans and the most competitive prices.

Are you looking to save energy? Let Brothers Plumbing Heating & Electric install a ceiling fan for you.