Denver CFL Light Bulbs

What are Denver CFL light bulbs? Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) bulbs have been around for a while. CFL bulbs are a modern designed to replace incandescent lights. CFLs are popular as they are energy-efficient, smaller, often produce more lumens, and can screw directly into a medium base socket. Conventional incandescent bulbs use more power, are less efficient, and may require a special ballast. CFL’s use much less energy (almost a quarter less) while giving off the same, if not more light. They also last up to 15 times longer (around 6,000 to 15,000 hours total) than standard light bulbs. The extended lifespan can significantly decrease the expense of continually changing bulbs, as well as reduced energy usage, which will lower your electricity bill.

CFL Light Bulbs Installation

Not only do they last longer and provide more efficient lighting solutions, but CLF light bulbs put off much less heat than traditional bulbs. Less heat means that buildings and homes in warmer climates don’t have to work that much harder to keep cool. All of this means less work for AC units and less money out of pocket during the springtime and summer months. The most significant savings, however, are seen in large commercial buildings and warehouses where the lighting cost can become prohibitive. CFL lighting helps not only by using less energy but by needing less maintenance for changing out bulbs.

How Do CFL Bulbs Work?

CFL light bulbs work by using a combination of a gas-filled tube and a magnetic or electronic ballast. They were initially used in developing countries as an alternative to kerosene lamps. CFL light bulbs are a good deal, but there’s a small catch: CFLs contain a small amount of mercury, which means they do not belong in your regular trash when they burn out and should be recycled.

Invest in Denver CFL Bulbs With The Help From Brothers

While CFL bulbs tend to cost more than a regular incandescent bulb, the savings are in the long-term since CFLs have a much longer lifetime. These bulbs have been leading the way in converting homes to be more energy-efficient. They provide a quick and straightforward way for homeowners to make an immediate change without having to worry about intensive installations or on-going renovations.

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