Boulder Repiping

Fast, reliable, and affordable Boulder repiping services are always available from the professional plumbers at Brothers Plumbing Heating Electric. We have the experience, training, and licensing necessary to handle any repipe job. As a result, we always come highly recommended by our droves of satisfied customers. Moreover, we’ve even received countless 5-star reviews from our most satisfied customers.

Like everything else in your home, your plumbing won’t last forever. Sometimes a small leak can be repaired, but other times replacing your pipes is a more intelligent, longer-term solution. At Brothers Plumbing Heating Electric, our repipe specialists in Boulder will discuss solutions with you and help you determine if repiping is the right choice. So, if you need a professional, affordable, high-quality repipe in the Boulder area, you’ve come to the right company. So, please pick up the phone and give us a call at (303) 468-2294 or fill out our online form to schedule your recipe estimate today!

Do You Need Repiping In Boulder?

Our experienced Boulder repiping experts can tell if you need new pipes. However, there are some signs that you may need pipe repair services or a total pipe replacement. If you suspect an issue, the best solution is to call a plumbing company immediately. Some problems you may notice:

  • Your water has a funny smell.
  • Your water is discolored.
  • You see a sudden drop in water pressure.
  • Your water bill is higher than usual.
  • You have pipes in your home that are known to have issues.
  • You’ve had to deal with pipe repairs in the past.

The age and function of your current plumbing system will be the most significant indicator of whether or not it’s time to repipe. However, contact our plumbing experts if you are experiencing problems but are unsure whether you should schedule repiping services. We can come out to your home or business for an in-person consultation. Our team only offers honest, professional advice and recommendations. You can trust that we will never try to upsell you something we don’t believe you need. In addition to our expert repiping services, ensure you get your drains checked out and serviced. Otherwise, you may run into more significant problems down the road.

Why Hire Our Boulder Repipe Specialists?

Regarding repiping, you want a team of Boulder repipes specialists you can trust; you want Brothers Plumbing Heating Electric. As a family-owned and operated business, we take great pride in providing honest, customer-focused service and exceptional results on every repiping job. Our Boulder repipe specialists work quickly and efficiently to minimize inconvenience and downtime. We stand behind our work with our one-year warranty on craftsmanship. Our repiping specialists are experienced, trained, licensed, and insured for your peace of mind.

Moreover, we’ve earned many 5-star reviews and always come highly recommended by our most satisfied customers. So, don’t hesitate to contact our team of Boulder repipe specialists. Remember, we always stand by to help with all your recipe needs!

How Much Does A Whole-House Repipe Cost?

How much does a whole-house repipe cost, you ask? On average, a total Boulder whole-house repipe costs around $15,000. But that begs the question: how do repiping specialists determine how much these jobs cost? Well, we base our estimates on our years of plumbing experience as the go-to Boulder repiping specialists. However, the above price is just an average and is subject to several variables. Some of the most common variables that affect how much a whole-house repipe costs include:

  • Size of your home
  • The number of bathrooms in your home
  • Number of plumbing fixtures
  • Distance from the main water and sewer lines in Boulder
  • Type of piping currently present in your home.

The Benefits Of PEX Repiping

PEX stands for Cross-Linked Polyethylene, a robust and flexible plastic. It is one of the most common piping materials used in the United States, especially in newer constructions. But why is that? What makes PEX piping the go-to material for plumbing projects in the 21st century? To answer those questions, let’s talk about the primary benefits of Boulder PEX repiping. Those benefits include:

  • They’re flexible.
  • PEX is easier (and therefore cheaper) to install than any other material
  • They last for decades.
  • PEX repiping is much more affordable than copper
  • Our repipe specialists can install them much faster than other materials (thanks to their innate flexibility).

So, if you think PEX is the right choice for your repiping job, we are here to help. Our repiping specialists know their way around PEX pipes, and we stand by to lend a hand. So, give us a call to schedule an estimate today!

Galvanized Pipe Replacement In Boulder

If your home or business has antiquated galvanized steel plumbing, it’s time to consider a repipe in Boulder. Galvanized pipe replacement is essential because galvanized steel plumbing is prone to rust, corrosion, and leaks and can even be the culprit behind a few health complications. In other words, don’t gamble with galvanized steel plumbing. So, if you have an older home or business, don’t hesitate to contact us for an inspection. Then, it might be time to consider a galvanized pipe replacement.

If you’d like to pull the trigger on a galvanized pipe replacement in Boulder, then Brothers Plumbing Heating Electric is the company to call. Our repipe specialists are standing by to help you get those outdated and potentially dangerous pipes out of your home or business. Call today!

Is A Boulder Copper Repipe Right For You?

It doesn’t get more premium than copper regarding repiping materials. With Boulder copper repiping, you’ll have the best material in the industry, making up your plumbing system. Why is copper so good, you ask? Copper is great at retaining heat in hot water, lasts nearly twice as long as other materials, and can add value to your home. Furthermore, copper pipes resist freezing much better than other materials (like PEX and steel). Additionally, copper doesn’t harbor bacteria, mold, and mildew as readily as other materials.

So, if you want to upgrade your home plumbing with a Boulder copper repipe, you’ve come to the right place! Contact our team of repipe specialists to schedule an estimate today!

Contact Us And Schedule A Boulder Repiping Today!

Here at Brothers Plumbing Heating Electric, we pride ourselves on being the go-to company for all your repiping needs. Whether you need to repipe a double bathroom sink, leak repair, or need frozen pipe repair, our Boulder repipe specialists can help. Additionally, we’ve earned countless 5-star reviews, and our specialists always come highly recommended by our droves of satisfied customers. So, what are you waiting for if you need Boulder repiping? Please pick up the phone and call (303) 468-2294 or fill out our online contact form to schedule an estimate today!