Denver Circuit Breaker Replacement & New Circuits

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Have you been experiencing brownouts? Has your circuit breaker begun tripping frequently? If you have answered “yes” to either of these questions, pick up the phone and contact the Brothers Plumbing Heating Electric team today. The Brothers circuit breaker maintenance and installation team has over 40 years of knowledge and experience. From replacing to fixing and keeping our community’s home electrical breakers running in perfect working order, we have you covered. In other words, for the most reliable circuit breaker replacements in Denver, look to the Brothers team.

Signs Of Possible Issues

Finding that your breakers are constantly tripping is a sign that you need some type of electrical work performed. There might be too much current. Excess current can cause an overload in your system, and it may even cause a shortage in the wiring. If there is a wire short in your home, contact a licensed electrical professional as soon as possible! Wire shorts in your wiring can be very dangerous for you and your home. When circuit breakers trip, they are typically doing what they are designed to do. Our electricians will help you determine what is causing the problem.

Denver’s Finest Circuit Breaker Team

Here at Brothers Plumbing, Heating, & Electric, we are the recipient of the 2008 Denver/Boulder Bureau’s Torch Award for Marketplace Trust. Providing excellent customer service and affordable services are the reasons we’ve built a strong reputation within our community. We are 100% confident that you’ll be satisfied with the work of our circuit breaker electricians. We are proud to uphold and practice our code of ethics.

Circuit Breaker Upgrades in Denver

Whether you need circuit breaker maintenance or looking to upgrade your existing breaker panel. Our team at Brothers has all the information to help you make the right choice. Older homes have breakers that are 60-100 amps. However, newer, more efficient breaker systems allow homeowners to have up to 200 amps. Many people in older homes choose to upgrade their panels to meet the demand for modern electrical appliances, from printers to microwaves. If you have ever run many devices at the same time and your breaker has tripped, it is time to upgrade your breaker box. Frequently tripped circuit breakers can overload your system and wear it out faster. It can also heat appliances, outlets, and wires to very high temperatures. To avoid the risks, contact the circuit breaker team at Brothers Plumbing Heating Electric today!

Let the electrical team at Brothers Plumbing Heating Electric diagnose the problem.

As a reminder- don’t open the main breaker compartment cover to your electrical panel. Leave this to a qualified electrician!