Denver Smoke Alarms Save Lives

Having a properly installed smoke alarm cuts the chances of dying in a fire in half. Today, new home construction requires that you place a smoke alarm in every sleeping room, outside of each sleeping area, and on every level of the house–including the basement. Furthermore, the alarms must be interconnected so that every alarm will deploy, regardless of the location of the fire. Smoke alarms save lives, so never take yours for granted. Always make sure they have fresh batteries and are in full working order. You never know when one will save you or your family.

Some Smoke Alarm Facts And Statistics

Smoke alarms should be present in every home or business in the country – Smoke Alarms ( They are legally required and save many lives a year. Every year, around 2,500 people perish from smoke and CO (carbon monoxide) related incidents. Make sure your smoke/fire/CO alarms are always in working order. Remember that a broken or malfunctioning alarm can cost lives. Luckily, here at Brothers Plumbing Heating and Electric, we can install and replace your home’s alarms. Call us today.

Smoke, Fire And CO Alarm Installation, Replacement And Maintenance

Our company offers affordable, fast, and reliable installation, replacement, and maintenance of smoke, fire, and CO alarm systems. These alarms are there to save your families’ lives in case of a fire or CO emergency. Don’t get caught off guard with too few or a dysfunctional smoke alarm. Give us a call for a smoke alarm service today. It just might save your life.

Remember, No Alarm Detects It All

It is important to remember that no alarm is perfect for detecting different types of fire. While some are better for detecting open flames, while others are better for detecting smoldering fires (think of burning coals). Some detect CO, while others do not. Either way, knowing what kind of fire and dangers your home’s alarms can detect is the first step in avoiding a potential hazard. So, make sure you know your smoke detector system since it is sometimes all that stands between you and a fiery disaster.

Keep Your Batteries Fresh And Your Alarms Up And Running

A broken or malfunctioning alarm can cost lives. So, always make sure you keep your batteries fresh and the detectors clean. Remember, a smoke, CO, and fire detector system is often the only thing standing between you and a fiery disaster. Contact us here at Brothers Plumbing, Heating, and Electric with any questions, concerns, or inquiries regarding smoke, CO, and fire alarm systems.