Efficient Boulder Swamp Coolers

Services for Boulder swamp coolers are always available from Brothers Plumbing Heating and Electric. Let our team of professionals assess your needs and install a portable evaporative cooler. These systems are ideal for tents, warehouse and factory spaces, large workshops, and anywhere else you find air conditioning unfeasible because of size or cost. An evaporative cooler in Boulder is the most effective way to cool these large or nontraditional areas. They operate at a fraction of the cost of air conditioning systems and can lower temperatures dramatically. Learn more about our swamp coolers services by clicking here today.

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Swamp Coolers In Boulder Use Less Power Than Air Conditioning

These swamp coolers in Boulder are built to last, requiring little maintenance and high performance. They use up to 75% less electricity than traditional air conditioners and do not emit damaging ozone. Additionally, in Boulder, swamp coolers can act as air filters, eliminating allergens and dust from the air as they cool.

The technology used in these machines has been around since ancient Egypt. But, of course, technology has developed since then. As a result, this cooling system is currently used in advanced technologies ranging from space shuttles to high-tech life support systems. It is truly a remarkable technology with many uses, including cooling your home, business, or event.

An Evaporative cooler In Boulder Is Different Than A Normal Air Conditioner.

We service all of Boulder with evaporative coolers. These coolers are different from traditional air conditioning because they use the evaporation of water to cool air instead of vapor-compression or absorption refrigeration cycles. These systems have many advantages when standard air conditioning is impractical or too expensive. In addition, portable evaporative coolers are handy in arid climates like Boulder. We can assess what size and type of system are right for you, and you might be able to save on your electrical costs.

Do You Need A Portable Evaporative Cooler?

If you choose a portable evaporative cooler, they are easy to set up and transport. In Boulder, swamp coolers provide an easy solution to cooling outdoor events such as weddings, conventions, and galas. Humidity is no barrier to a portable swamp cooler in Boulder. Depending on the size we determine is best, these evaporative coolers in Boulder will meet your needs.

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