Indoor Air Quality

One of the most important factors to the comfort of your home is air quality. Air that is too dry, or filled with allergens can be the difference between constant discomfort, and being able to live your life to its fullest. On top of that, air quality can be a matter of safety for you and your family. Pollution, bacteria, and carbon monoxide are major health risks. We provide a variety of services and cutting edge technologies to give your home top notch air quality, giving you the comfort and safety you deserve.

Air Purification

Having an air purifier in your home means no more suffering from indoor allergies! Many studies show that air purifiers reduce the amount of pollution in the air indoors. Many people have already switched to an air purifier in their home or workplace.

Electronic Air Cleaners

Electronic commercial air cleaners capture up to 99% of common airborne allergens that pass through the system while maintaining outstanding air flow – all the while using less electricity than a 40 – watt light bulb. Along with the capture rate, air cleaners are a great value because of their reusable filters. Air cleaners with disposable filters have consistent replacement costs, but our cleaners only require occasional cleanings.

Ultra Violet Lights

When it comes to improving indoor quality in homes, the team at Brother Plumbing Heating & Electric can help you see the light. Ultraviolet light eliminates airborne particles and germs passing through the lamp, by breaking them down using high energy light waves. This makes sure they don’t survive in your duct system and move into your home’s air. The shortwave lights, like those found in hospitals, pharmacies, and professional kitchens have been used for nearly 50 years.


Many people experience discomfort during the wintertime and in dry climates, the air inside your home can feel as dry and parched as the desert. That’s why adding moisture to your indoor air can greatly improve your comfort. Installing a humidifier in the home not only helps to relieve the physical discomforts of dry nose, throat, lips, and skin but also helps to prevent the splitting hardwood floors and static electricity.


When you are buying or selling your home don’t you want to know if your family will be safe from deadly gas and carbon monoxide leaks that gas appliances can produce. Our trained certification professionals will go over your furnace and perform a 15 point checklist to evaluate the overall performance of the furnace and a visual inspection of the heat exchanger and provide you with a letter of certification.

Carbon Monoxide Test

If your carbon monoxide detector is going off please leave the home and call the fire department and a licensed contractor like us. Carbon Monoxide is a silent killer. It is odorless, tasteless, and invisible. It can kill within minutes. We will go through your home to find where the carbon monoxide problem originated from and fix the problem that caused the leak. Carbon monoxide is exceptionally dangerous.

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