Thornton Air Purification Technology

Thornton Air Purification
As part of the Denver metropolitan area, Thornton suffers poorer air quality than much of the rest of Colorado. However, the REME Guardian Air Purification Systems installed by our professionals are of the highest quality. Independent tests have shown that they remove 99% of most air contaminants. Those contaminants include airborne bacteria, viruses, smoke, and volatile organic compounds. These can affect indoor health conditions. Call your local Thornton air purification experts today.

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Reveal Invisible Hazards With Brothers’ Air Quality Testing In Thornton

Sick building syndrome describes situations where occupants experience acute health and comfort effects. Brothers Plumbing Heating Electric offers air quality testing in Thornton. This testing is to help identify whether this may be part of the cause of your chronic health issues. Exposure to molds, bacteria, and dust has been linked to chronic ailments. For example, suppose you have headaches, fatigue, asthma, or gastrointestinal complaints that direct medical approaches have not solved. In that case, a REME Guardian Air Purification System from Brothers may be able to improve your health and quality of life.

We Recommend The REME Guardian Air Purification System

Brothers Plumbing Heating Electric is Thornton’s best air filtration contractor. We install the best home air filters available. The REME Guardian Air Purification System has been proven to have a 99.99% reduction of bacteria and viruses on surfaces. This protects you from germs and pathogens, including E. coli, Listeria, Strep, MRSA, H1N1, and Norwalk Virus. It also reduces active allergens such as mold, dust, dander, and pollen. Besides these health benefits, the REME system can reduce even the strongest odors by at least 85%, including smoke. To find out if your home poses health risks, you can schedule air quality testing in Thornton with a quick phone call.

Air Filtration Systems In Thornton

As your air conditioner (or furnace) runs, it has to suck in air from around the house to get it to the right temperature before sending it back home. Unfortunately, this means it can suck up germs and allergens as well. Those with allergies and asthma suffer the most. Still, even those without preexisting conditions can fall ill thanks to bacteria and viruses.

Standard air filters won’t do the trick. Professional-grade systems are the way to go when you need relief for your worse symptoms or if you merely want to take suitable precautions. These are installed in your air system and include the following. Call our friendly team to find out which is right for you!

  • HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters
  • Air filtration systems
  • UV light air purifiers
  • Electronic air purification systems

Rely On An Experienced Air Filtration Contractor In Thornton

Anyone can buy an air purifier from a Thornton air purification retailer. But, they find that this approach does not give them their money’s worth. Small purifiers occupy valuable floor space, and you must buy more than one for whole-house coverage. Whole-house air purification systems like the REME Guardian Air Purification System are more efficient. But, these need professional installation. It’s essential to entrust your air quality to the best air filtration contractor in Thornton.

The Go-To Thornton Air Purification Company

Breathing is something we don’t often think about, so some of us rarely notice how poor air quality affects our lives. Now you can protect your family from bacteria, viruses, mold, dust, dander, and pollen with a REME Guardian Air Purification System installed by Brothers Plumbing Heating Electric; the most reliable air filtration contractor in Thornton.

Our team of professional HVAC technicians is always the one to trust when it comes to any whole-house Thornton air purification system!