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A Back to School Letter from Lynn

Lynn, a mom and one of the sisters from BrothersHaircuts, school supply shopping, new shoes, new clothes, last minute getaways, fitting in doctors and dentist appointments…. If you have school age kids, you are all too familiar with this never ending to-do list this time of year as the focus changes to getting all these things done in preparation for the start of another school year.

My name is Lynn, I’m one of the sisters from Brothers, and as a mom to two wonderful school aged children, I’m right in the middle of the end of summer hustle getting everything squared away for the start of the school year myself. Since I work full time as well, I can relate to all of you busy moms and dads out there juggling all of these tasks. So, when my Air Conditioner drain line plugged and leaked all over my utility room floor unexpectedly last week I was less than pleased to figure out how to fit even one more thing into my busy, hectic schedule (and budget)!

That’s why at Brothers we have built in processes and procedures to make even the most unexpected repairs whether it’s plumbing, air conditioning, heating or electrical, go just a little bit easier for you!

  • You can easily request an appointment online from your mobile phone by going to or calling 303-451-5057
  • A friendly representative will answer your request promptly to find a time that works in your busy schedule
  • We book appointments 7 days a week (evenings too!) at no additional charge
  • We will schedule your appointment in a 2-hour arrival window
  • Better yet, we even call you 30-45 minutes in advance of our technician’s arrival so if you are out and about you know when to be heading home to meet him so you aren’t wasting time sitting around
  • Before we come, we send you an email of the technician with his picture so you know who to expect at your front door. You can even read previous clients feedback from their visits with that technician
  • And because your family’s safety and peace of mind is important to us our technicians wear the technician seal of safety, where they have been Background checked, drug tested and professionally trained
  • We present options and get approval before performing any work
  • We make payment easy, with either a check, cash or credit card. We even have financing options available to help you out as well

We hope that the experience you have will leave you with a smile on your face and we make the grade!

Please call Brothers for any planned, or unexpected, repairs! Or if you are a planner and would like to take advantage of our discounted pre-season 33pt furnace checks call us today! 303-451-5057 or online at

It’s The Middle of May

May is Here
For Colorado that means rain, hail, sun and snow. Are you wondering what the crazy weather means for your sprinkler and AC unit?

Sprinkler damage

If you’ve started to water your landscape, the cold overnight low temperatures can cause damage in your sprinkler system or spigots. If you’re still watering with a hose, be sure to disconnect your hose from the spigot after you’re done watering.

What if you’ve already turned on your sprinkler system? Although the temperatures will get below freezing, it won’t be for a prolonged period of time so your underground pipes will be okay, however it’s worthwhile to take precautions for your above ground exposed pipes by covering them with insulation or blankets and to even drain your backflow preventer (vacuum breaker). Taking these extra precautions can prevent expensive repairs in the future.

Hail damage to AC units

Homeowners who were battered by the severe storms which moved through our area should be concerned about possible damage to their A/C unit.

Units that have been severely damaged by hail may fail to work entirely. Those which suffered less damage may continue to operate, but won’t do so properly or efficiently.
Homeowners should inspect the outdoor portion of their cooling system after any severe storm. Damage to the equipment will usually be obvious; if you’re unsure, don’t hesitate to call Brothers for an inspection.

The outdoor unit includes a condenser coil; this coil is made of fine aluminum fins designed to efficiently move air for heat transfer. If the outdoor unit is pounded by hail, the fins may become bent, reducing the efficiency and capacity of the entire A/C system. Even slight damage, with as little as ten percent of the fins affected, will negatively impact the system.

Can I get my AC checked?

AC checks are done when temps are above 60 degrees. Give us a call and we will get you on the schedule. If you have an appointment scheduled and it falls in a cold snap we’ll be contacting you to reschedule for a warmer day coming up.

What if I have turned on my AC already?

Outdoor cooling units are built to endure snowy weather conditions. However, if you have ice that often forms on the roof above your air conditioner, then we recommend putting a piece of plywood over the top of it to reduce the possibility of damage from falling ice.

You can count on not counting on Colorado weather… but you can count on Brothers! Let’s enjoy the moisture while it lasts, then welcome summer when it arrives. It’s right around the corner.

Electrical Safety Month Hints, Tips and Reminders

Electrical Safety Month
We may think we know all there is to know about the dangers of electrical mishaps, but there are still electrical safety rules to be strictly observed. Here are some tips to help you maintain proper caution, to help keep you and your family safe around the house, and to avoid electrical fires and accidents:

  1. Make it a habit to turn off electric games and appliances when they’re not in use. Before going to bed, make it a routine to check that all electrical devices not in use are properly shut off.
  2. Never ever overload sockets. It’s a safe bet to always use just one plug in every socket. Even if you are using the adapter make sure it’s the bar type that also has a fuse. The total output of all plugs in the adapter should be no more than the specified rating.
  3. Adding a residual current device is an easy way to cut off power and prevent shocks. Another sensible option is to fix one on the fuse box. Alternately, you can choose a portable one, which are ideal for outdoor jobs such as using the lawnmower or vacuum cleaner.
  4. It’s a good idea to periodically keep an eye on the condition of the plugs and sockets. You should pay attention to any burnt or frayed wires on appliances. It’s best to get the services of a professional electrician to fix such problems.
  5. Never allow wires or leads to run under carpets where they remain invisible. Besides being a tripping hazard its hard to see the state of the cables or wires.
  6. Never ever allow electric wires or cables to trail over kitchen appliances like toasters or stove tops. These are very dangerous and are hazards of the worst kind. Also, never finger the toaster with anything, especially with any metal.
  7. Do not stick in nails or try to make holes in the walls of your home. It’s a potential danger since you may not know what’s behind your point of entry. And you should also take care when digging or excavating as you run the risk of cutting live underground wire.
  8. Avoid mixing liquids and electricity. They should be kept as far apart as possible. Touch your appliances with dry hands only. Avoid placing water or other liquids on top of electrical appliances. Many of us use the TV top or microwave as a counter but that’s actually very dangerous if liquids spill into open slots and cause a short circuit. And while using a steam kettle, do not fill it up while it’s still plugged on.
  9. It’s best to avoid taking major electrical appliances into a bathroom. Always check for the wire coding on appliances like hair dryers, hair straighteners or radios that are often used in bathrooms.
  10. Make sure that your children do not walk in wet into the house directly from the rain or your swimming pool. Your home is a place that is full of electrical sources and could pose a threat to their safety. Get them to dry out completely before entering the house.

2017 Colorado Top Workplaces Award

top workplaces
Brothers Plumbing, Heating and Electric has been recognized as one of the 2017 Colorado Top Workplaces! The Colorado Top Workplaces Award honors the best companies to work for in the area. It is based completely off of employee feedback and ranks companies accordingly.

What Have Our Employees Said About Us?

Our employees had many great things to say about working for us here at Brothers Plumbing, Heating and Electric. The ones that stood out the most to us were:

“Company is committed to serving the public and looking out for their employees.”

“The high ethics and integrity that each team member puts into their trade. And you can really tell that management wants you to be the best at what you do, inside and outside of work. ”

“The company, the mangers, and are team all around are great. ”

“They took me in as a young kid who didn’t know anything, and gave me all the training I needed to be great. I’m forever grateful to Brothers!”

The Brothers Plumbing, Heating and Electric Mission

The mission of Brothers Plumbing, Heating & Electric is to develop lasting relationships where everyone wins; to show our team members, clients and community that we care, and to provide a safe, honest and helpful working environment. We want to be the best- the company best known for going above and beyond expectations! We want to make you smile! That’s not something we just say when we answer our phone! It’s something that we truly set out to do! We want your experience with our company to be outstanding from the moment you call to the time our technician leaves your home.

Brothers Plumbing, Heating & Electric Stands With Folds of Honor

Booties For Honor
Here at Brothers Plumbing, Heating and Electric, we are focusing our efforts on supporting the Folds of Honor foundation. Folds of Honor is a program that provides educational scholarships to children and spouses of fallen and disables armed servicemen and women. We believe this to be a noble cause and that is why we’re standing behind it.

What Is Brothers Doing To Help?

We have committed to helping Folds of Honor. We have set up a fundraising goal on their web page and, all quarter long, our team of professional plumbers, HVAC techs and electricians is:

  • Brothers is donating $1 for every invoice this quarter
  • Technician wearing yellow shoe covers for awareness

Help Us Meet Our Fundraising Goals

If you would like to help with our fundraising goal, feel free to visit the Folds of Honor Support Page and follow the instructions on the screen. Any donation at all would be greatly appreciated and goes towards a great cause.

More About Folds of Honor

Since 2007, Folds of Honor has been providing scholarships to spouses and children of the United States’ fallen and disabled service-members. They have made great strides in helping to provide for families of fallen and disabled veterans. Perhaps the Folds of Honor motto says it best: “Honor Their Sacrifice. Educate Their Legacy”. Check out the video below to learn more: