Joshua School

Brothers Gives Back to the Joshua School
For our April 2018 Brothers Gives Back Campaign we are thrilled to be donating to The Joshua School. The Joshua School serves over 70 students. They are an accredited, Colorado Department of Education approved facility school and partner closely with over 20 local school districts to provide the intensive services many of their students need. The nationally recognized approach has achieved superior results through there structured environments, teaching strategies based on behavioral intervention, and data collection. Using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), an evidence-based science, they identify, with families and teams, the needs of each student to create an independent and fulfilling life. These might include social skills, communication and language, academics, daily living and community skills, vocational skills and more.

The Joshua School is a community, working together with the goal to help their students grow and develop. They know our parents advocate and have risen to the challenges presented to them. Their love and activism inspires each of us, and together we strive to give our students lives filled with possibility, happiness and belonging.

If you would like to donate or become involved with The Joshua School, please visit

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