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Denver Residential Ultra Violet Lights

Denver Ultra Violet Lights
In Denver when it comes to improving indoor quality in your home, we can help you see the light. A Denver commercial ultra violet light zaps live airborne particles and germs passing by the lamp, to make sure that they don’t survive in your duct system and move into your home’s air.

Shortwave Air Purification

The shortwave lights – similar to those used in hospitals, pharmacies and professional kitchens for nearly 50 years – are easy for us to install in your system, and the long life lamps are simple and easy to replace when the time comes. Brothers Plumbing, Heating & Electric offers outstanding service on all brands, makes and models of Denver residential ultra violet lights. We can install any brand of your choice, but recommend the Honeywell brand

When You Need A Denver Ultra Violet Light Replacement

Sometimes the ultra violet lights that come with your home will break down. There aren’t many places that sells ultra violet lights, not like the ones we use and are good for your home. So when we come out to a do an UV light replacement, we also a do a Denver ultra violet light installation as well. We make sure that your Denver residential ultra violet lights are working and working properly.