Fall Back! Daylight Savings Time Home Service Reminders

On Sunday, November 5, 2023, it’s time to set your clock back one hour with the end of daylight saving time.

Daylight savings time is coming to a close, and the first thing on your mind is probably gaining that precious extra hour of sleep. Today’s smartphones automatically set your clock back an hour, so is there anything else you should prepare for this time around? Believe it or not, the switch to standard time impacts many appliances at home. So to prepare your house for the end of DST, check out these home service reminders from Brothers Plumbing, Heating & Electric.

Change Your Clocks, Batteries, And Light Bulbs

Everyone knows to adjust their clocks at the end of DST, but what about our smoke and carbon monoxide detectors? Every home should be equipped with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure the safety of its residents. But if you aren’t replacing batteries at least twice a year, they could stop working entirely. So let the end of daylight savings time serve as a reminder to check your smoke detector batteries. You should also replace the entire unit every seven to ten years. Fortunately, Brothers Plumbing, Heating & Electric offers combo units for installation.

While you’re at it, consider checking on your light bulbs and fixtures. Conventional light bulbs waste a great deal of energy compared to energy-efficient fluorescent or LED bulbs. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, substituting standard bulbs with energy-efficient ones saves over $30 in electricity fees over their lifespan.

Inspect Your Sump Pump

The end of daylight savings time also indicates the arrival of wet seasons in the fall and winter. So check on your sump pump to ensure it can protect your home from flooding. Every sump pump should be free of standing water above the height of the pump, and the system should have backup batteries in case the power goes out during a storm.

Clean Or Replace Your Filters

As we transition to standard time, many of us turn up the thermostat on our heaters to keep comfortable in the colder weather. To ensure your HVAC system runs well, inspect and clean the air filters to minimize dust and airflow obstructions. You can also check the filters in your fridge and vacuum. For a more thorough HVAC system examination and tune-up, contact our professionals for a 33-point safety check and evaluation. We’ll ensure your unit runs efficiently and safely in time for the colder months.

Reverse The Direction Of Your Fan Blades

Ceiling fan blades in the winter should rotate clockwise to create an updraft. This rotation will circulate warm air throughout the room to keep you warmer. So when it gets colder at home, reverse the direction of your ceiling fans for optimal temperature regulation. In the summer, turn your blades counterclockwise to create a downdraft that makes a cooling breeze.

Check Your Outdoor Faucets

During the winter, outdoor faucets are vulnerable to freezing temperatures. When frozen water expands inside your pipes, it places pressure that can lead to cracks. So you should drain your faucets and address leaks to prevent water line damage. Also, disconnect and store your hoses to protect them from exposure. And if you have to water the lawn, consider hand watering instead of using the sprinkler system if it’s not properly winterized. After running the sprinkler, any leftover water in your pipes has the potential to expand and cause cracks.

Inspect The Water Heater

While you’re checking on all these appliances, don’t forget to inspect one of the most important: the water heater. Your unit should be free of cracks, leaks, and water on the floor or drip pan. But without these signs of problems, you can safely turn it off or put it in vacation mode.

Schedule A Furnace Safety Inspection

With winter approaching at the turn of daylight savings time, you may be due for an annual furnace safety check. Luckily for you, Brothers Plumbing, Heating & Electric provides furnace inspections for any occasion, but especially for pre-season checkups.

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