Smelly Drains – What Causes Them?

Your Drains Aren’t As Clean As You Might Think!

If you’ve ever had a terrible smell emanating from your drain, don’t worry; you’re not alone. While you may know that your drains and lines aren’t the cleanest, no one ever expects the stench that sometimes rises out of their drain. After all, your drain constantly has water and detergents running through it, so why is it producing such an ungodly stench? Unfortunately, the truth is that not everything you put down the drain leaves your home.

Food Waste Often Rots In Your Lines!

Food scraps inevitably make their way into your kitchen drain lines. This process usually happens without much trouble, but occasionally these food scraps get stuck. Once stuck, they start to decompose and may even attract flies! Once this mixture of food rotates, the odor can plague your drain until you have this minor clog cleaned.

Worse still, if you wash fats and oils down your drain, they can coat the walls of your pipes and begin to turn rancid. This unsanitary situation can also produce an odor that is difficult to remove. However, that’s still not the worst smell that can waft through your home.

The Smell of Sewage Backups Can Fill A Home

If the smell running through your home is a little worse than rotting food, you might be dealing with a sewage backup. If your lines find that they have no outlet, either because your sewer lines are clogged or broken, all of that waste will still need to find a way out. Often, the only way out is through your drains. Before this happens, you’ll find an unbearable odor floating through your home. Call a plumber immediately if you notice this smell (yes, that smell). If treated in time, you can avoid a disastrous backup and eliminate the awful smell.

Get Rid Of Drain Odors!

No matter what plagues your drains, you can be sure that a professional plumber like Brothers Plumbing, Heating & Electric will have the tools to eliminate the problem. Our team has the experience and tools to help you eliminate the strongest drain odors, from drain line cleanings to trenchless sewer repair. We’ll deal with the mess, so you don’t have to! Call us at (303) 468-2294, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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