5 Holiday Electrical Tips – Staying Safe While Decking The Halls

Happy Holidays! While decking the halls with your Holiday decor preference is fun for all, it can also be inordinately dangerous if not done correctly. So, to help keep you safe and fire-free this season, here are five Holiday electrical tips from the professional electricians at Brothers Plumbing Heating Air & Electric!

Tip 1 – Safely Lighting And Decorating Your Christmas Tree

We all love the look and smell of a real Christmas tree.  This is a simple reminder to water your tree every day.  Since Colorado is very dry, electrical problems and fires are caused by not properly hydrating your tree.  A dry tree and hot lights make for an easy fire.

Tip 2 – Never Plug In More Lights Than The Breaker Can Handle

Always plug into GFCI outlets and never plugin more lights than the breaker or GFCI outlet can handle.  This isn’t very clear to many homeowners.  A good rule of thumb is to read the directions provided by the manufacturer. Most home receptacle circuits can handle 15 amps, of which you should only use 80% or 12 amps.

Tip 3 – Properly Install Electrical Devices Of All Kinds

Many home fires are caused by improper installation of electrical devices.  Please look around your house for areas of concern problems, and be careful about do-it-yourself electrical projects.

Tips 4 & 5 – Keep Your Outdoor Lighting Safe And Don’t Run Electrical Wires Under Rugs.

For outside, use extension cords and lights approved for the outdoors.  It seems simple, but this can save a lot of headaches.

Don’t run electrical wires under rugs and make sure Christmas lights are not touching any fabric such as bedspreads, sofas, or drapes.

Family Is Important, So We’re Closed On Christmas & New Year’s Day

Please keep in mind that we like to allow our employees time to spend with their family, friends, and loved ones during this Holiday Season.  To allow for this to happen, we will be closed on Christmas & New Years Day.  Otherwise, we are open  7 days a week with no extra charges! Give us a call.  We look forward to serving you this Holiday Season. 303.451.5057.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Brothers Plumbing, Heating, and Electric!
Here is something fun for you to read and written by our marketing director!

T’was the night before Christmas, and all through the town,
Not a Christmas light was burnt out for miles around.
The electrician, it seems, had done his job well,
And now had retired for the holiday spell.

At home with his family to help trim the tree,
And thankful to God for the right to be free.
When all of a sudden came a knock at the door,
“Come quick to the church, the lights are unlit and smoking!”

Gone in a flash with his toolbox in tow,
From the warmth of the hearth into the snow.
Down to the church where the people were praying,
For someone to stop the wires from fraying.

Then all in a body they joyfully cheered at the door,
The electrician quickly appeared. He studied a moment,
Then climbed on a ladder, careful not to teeter,
This man with an electrical meter.

A twist of the wrist, all done with such ease in a matter of seconds,
The lights lit up the trees. All eyes were upon him,
As the throng did believe, They’d seen a real Santa,
On this Christmas Eve.

With a wink of his eye, he called back in flight,
“Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!”

~Lynn F.

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