Spring Hints, Tips and Reminders

Spring has arrived! Use these helpful Hints, Tips and Reminders to ensure a safe and worry free Spring!

Sprinkler Hint:
Check for your manual start up or test function. Tip: Use these manual start up or test functions to check each zone individually to ensure that your controller is operating all of the valves correctly and in the right order. Once you have all of the zones working properly you need to inspect each sprinkler head and rotor to make sure they are spraying properly. This will help you water your lawn more efficiently and not have areas that are missed.

Evap Cooler Tip:
Check your float valve and drain tube at least once a month.

By consistently checking your float valve and drain tube in your evaporative cooler throughout the season you will be ensuring your system doesn’t fail due to small clogs or debris that can become larger issues. Make sure the drain tube is not block with debris or leaking. Look at the float and make sure it’s at the proper height to shut the water off to prevent the bottom of the cooler from overflowing. To increase efficiency install new pads which help hold the cold water and blow more cool air into your home.

A/C Reminder:
Change your AC Filter. A dirty filter in the #1 cause of air conditioner inefficiency and one of the easiest problems to take care of. Keep in mind that there are a range of filters from cheap ones that block little dirt, pollen and mold but allow air to pass through easily, to expensive ones that make your system work hard to pull air through but block everything. Your best bet is to choose one in the middle.