Power Anodes For Your Water Heater

Here at Brothers Plumbing, Heating and Electric, our water heater professionals can install and maintain power anode systems. These systems help protect the steel water heater tank from corrosion. Powered anode rods can lengthen the service life of your home water heater. These products are for residential applications only and are not intended for commercial application. Learn more about how power anodes work and what the benefits of using them are below!

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How Anodes Help Water Heaters

When two different metals are connected (or bonded), a current flows from one metal to the other. This action is called electrolysis and is true for all metals. When two different and bonded metals are placed in fresh or salt water, then the water will react with the higher noble metal first. One metal will oxidize away, while the other metal stays intact. This is a natural chemical reaction. In the case of water heaters, the water heater tank is made of steel. The anode rod is made of magnesium or aluminum. Magnesium and aluminum are higher noble metals than steel, and they both react with water. The anode rod extends down into the tank from above. Over time, the anode dissolves while the metal tank stays intact. As long as the two different metals remain bonded, the other metal is protected from oxidation.

How Power Anodes Work

A powered anode relies on electricity being fed into the anode to impose a flow of current rather than relying on natural electrolysis. If the powered anode is made from the right material and it remains powered, the anode protects the other metal (steel water heater tank) for many years. It even lasts longer than a standard anode rod. The powered anode does not react with the water at all, but prevents any smelly water. Also, in some water conditions the standard magnesium anode rod reacts with the water. This can create an unpleasant rotten-eggs smell/taste to the water. A powered rod will prevent this reaction. If you would like more information about anode rods and what is best for you please call us today.

The Use Of Anodes in Water Softeners

Water softeners speed up the reaction between the water and the traditional anode rod. This can cause the rod to be consumed faster. Installing a powered anode rod in use with your water softener can help to extend the service life of the rod. Powered anode rods last significantly longer than regular anode rods in water softener containing systems.

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