Get Your Air Conditioner In-Shape for Summer


Performing an air conditioner or an evaporating cooler startup is the process of verifying that your current system is working and running efficiently.  Being careful and doing a proper startup can help you avoid a premature system breakdown and is a good option for making sure your cooling units are in good working order in the spring, before needing to use them full-time in the hot summer months.

There are a few basic steps that you can take to run an efficient and safe start-up for your air conditioning units and your evaporating cooler systems.  If you prefer going the DIY route, use these tips to run a full start-up and make sure your cooling units are ready for the summer.


For an air conditioner startup:

1.  Make sure the outdoor cover is off of the AC unit and you clear the unit from leaves and debris that may have accumulated.

2.  If you have a humidifier, make sure it’s turned out and any dampers on the unit are closed.

3.  Make sure to change the furnace filter and turn the thermostat to the cooling mode, instead of the heating mode.

4.  Don’t turn the thermostat below 70 degrees, and don’t run it if it’s cold outside.  Open a window.


For an evaporating cooler startup:

1.  Safety first – stay away from electrical lines and tie your ladder off if the cooler is on the roof.

2.  Make sure the dampers are open in the home (if they can be opened and closed).

3.  Make sure to have water in the cooler before starting the pump, or you could end up damaging the pump.

4.  Make sure to check the entire water line, all the way to the cooler, for leaks, or else you may end up with a large mess.


Throughout the following months,  it’s a good idea to check your cooling unit to make sure it’s operating at its highest level.  Aside from this, it can sometimes be easier and more cost effective to call a professional if you still aren’t sure about what you’re doing. When you have one of our technicians come out to perform our discounted spring start up, they will run through our specially designed checklists to evaluate the performance of the equipment. Among other things, they test the refrigerant charges (super heat and sub cooling requirements), amp draw checks, voltage checks and CFM calculations to make sure that the unit is running properly and efficiently.  Fixing a broken AC or Evaporator Cooling system can be an expensive outlay.  Conversely, having a unit that isn’t running properly can result in broken equipment components and higher utility bills, so doing things right the first time around can end up saving you a lot of money in the long run.


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