What makes a good service company?

Great service companies share common beliefs when it comes to the importance of culture, behaviors, people and relationships. At Brothers, we feel these beliefs are what not only make a successful service company, but extremely necessary to deliver the service excellence we feel our clients deserve. Here are three quick indicators of what we feel delivers outstanding service:

Be available every day and don’t make your customers wait.

Patience is a virtue, but not when it comes to home services. We understand that you, the client have a busy schedule and don’t have time to wait around all day for a service call. At Brothers we are available 7 days a week and offer two hour appointment windows for your convenience. We take it a step further and call you with an exact time our technician will arrive prior to your visit.
Have you ever had multiple service calls to your home wasting your time and in some cases money? Then you know how aggravating it can be to have multiple people in your home only to explain your problem over again (and again) while seemingly never actually getting any closer to the solution.
Before any technician steps foot in a Brothers truck, they go through an extensive training process to ensure they are able to solve any problem they may come across in the field. On the rare occasion we have to come back to your home, there is no additional charge to you for showing up at your door.

Transaction Transparency

When you call a service company, it’s usually because you don’t know how to fix the problem yourself. If there is a problem, you don’t know if the solution is extremely simple or highly complex. This can lead to service call anxiety! A good service company will be 100% transparent with their pricing. They should give you a complete breakdown of their diagnosis of your situation and the costs to repair it. You should know what the final cost will be before any work begins so there are no surprises when the job is done. Once work is completed, there should be a warranty on the work that was performed in your home. The longer the warranty, the more confident a company is willing to stand behind their technician’s performance. Finally, you should be totally satisfied with the work performed simply due to the fact that you paid for it! If you are not satisfied with any of the work performed, the company you hired should continue to work with you until your satisfaction is met.

Service Credentials and Certification

When you hire a service company, you are essentially asking a complete stranger to come into your home and be around your family. You owe it to yourself and your family to look for a few key indications that the company you hired is professional. When the service company arrives, they should be in a fully identifiable work vehicle. An unmarked work truck or personal vehicle should raise suspicion. The service man or woman should be in a clean, company supplied uniform with clear name identification. They should have patches indicating the credentials they poses such as the “Technician Seal of Safety” patch. This patch indicates that the technician had a complete background check performed on them, they have been drug tested and they have been professionally trained. These indicators are for your safety and peace of mind that the person you are letting into your home is someone you can trust around your family. If the company you hired does not meet these minimum qualifications, this means that they might not care about how you portray them hence not caring about the work they do in your home.