The Aurora Reflection Memorial Garden

In February, one of our plumbing technicians Zolie Balint was sent out to conduct an annual plumbing inspection for one of our Home Care Club members Mrs. Rena Medek. As Zolie was explaining the inspection process and his findings during the visit, Mrs. Medek struck up a conversation and handed him a flyer for the Reflection Memorial Garden at the Aurora Xeriscape Garden. She went on to explain that in 2012 her daughter, Micayla Medek was a victim of the Aurora Theater shooting and through the 7/20 Memorial Foundation, they are trying to raise money through donations to build a memorial to honor all involved in this tragic event. Zolie was quick to mention the Brothers Gives Back program to Mrs. Medek and submitted the flyer along with a donation request on behalf of Mrs. Medek.
Thanks to Mrs. Medek, Zolie, and a friendly conversation, Brothers is honored to submit a donation through the Brothers Gives Back program for $1000.00 to the 7/20 Memorial Foundation for the Reflection Memorial Garden in memory of Micayla Medek.
The 7/20 Memorial Foundation, composed of family of victims, survivors, and others directly impacted by the tragedy, is seeking donations for the enhancements to the planned garden. The funds raised will be used solely for these purposes. If you would like to contribute, donations may be made online by clicking here or they can be sent to:
Reflections Memorial Garden
C/O 7/20 Memorial Founation, City of Auroroa
15151 E. Alameda Parkway
Aurora, CO 80012
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