Considering transitioning from construction to service work?

We know how many things there are to consider when it comes to looking for employment opportunities that best suit your needs and career goals. Between comparing benefits, work life balance and where the position could ultimately take you where do you even begin. To help guide you along our team at Brothers put together a few comparisons regarding making the switch over to service from the construction industry.

Earning Opportunity – Show me the money!

Earning potential is truly up to our service tech’s. They have a breakdown of an hourly rate + a monthly performance bonus + a monthly company wide bonus + various other contests and spiffs hosted throughout the year. On average we see our trained technicians make anywhere from $80,000 to $150,000 a year!

Not to mention we are paid WEEKLY for hours worked rather than waiting for the invoices to be paid on completed projects. Take about a WIN WIN!

Work Life Balance

Nothing beats knowing the hours you are working and can plan family outings and at Brothers we understand that. Our tech’s get that with our flexible schedules and business hours. Here at Brothers we DO NOT run on-call, we DO NOT run overnight, giving our team time with family. Our managers strive to have any schedule changes made a month in advance, giving our team plenty of time to be notified.

As a family-owned business we understand how important it is to be home and spend time with family. Heck they are the reason we all show up to work each day, aren’t they?

Day to Day – Consistency

Day to day our team strives knowing they are serving clients and working with every day. Transitioning to service work team members are given the opportunity of consistent work. Our team strives, knowing that they are always serving clients and we will always be in need as long as people live in their home.

In service work we are not as weather dependent as construction might be here in Denver. When it gets cold and snowy our clients need us, when it is scorching hot our clients need us. Giving us consistency throughout the seasons and stable paychecks for our team.

Benefits & Perks at Brothers

Outside of pay, stability and growth service work has several other great benefits to consider as well. Here at Brothers our techs are fully equipped for the work they are doing. They each are given a company vehicle to take home. This is stocked with inventory from our warehouse, ensuring they have what they need at our client’s locations. Each truck also has a gas card, toll pass and supply house credit card. All our tech brings to work is a positive attitude and their tools.

Speaking of tools, though here at Brothers we also provide our techs with a tool and education account. This is accumulated based on the hours worked and can be used to purchase/replace tools, boots, classes, certificates, or licensing. Giving our team the opportunity to have what they need and strive to be the best they can be!