It’s The Middle of May

May is Here
For Colorado that means rain, hail, sun and snow. Are you wondering what the crazy weather means for your sprinkler and AC unit?

Sprinkler damage

If you’ve started to water your landscape, the cold overnight low temperatures can cause damage in your sprinkler system or spigots. If you’re still watering with a hose, be sure to disconnect your hose from the spigot after you’re done watering.

What if you’ve already turned on your sprinkler system? Although the temperatures will get below freezing, it won’t be for a prolonged period of time so your underground pipes will be okay, however it’s worthwhile to take precautions for your above ground exposed pipes by covering them with insulation or blankets and to even drain your backflow preventer (vacuum breaker). Taking these extra precautions can prevent expensive repairs in the future.

Hail damage to AC units

Homeowners who were battered by the severe storms which moved through our area should be concerned about possible damage to their A/C unit.

Units that have been severely damaged by hail may fail to work entirely. Those which suffered less damage may continue to operate, but won’t do so properly or efficiently.
Homeowners should inspect the outdoor portion of their cooling system after any severe storm. Damage to the equipment will usually be obvious; if you’re unsure, don’t hesitate to call Brothers for an inspection.

The outdoor unit includes a condenser coil; this coil is made of fine aluminum fins designed to efficiently move air for heat transfer. If the outdoor unit is pounded by hail, the fins may become bent, reducing the efficiency and capacity of the entire A/C system. Even slight damage, with as little as ten percent of the fins affected, will negatively impact the system.

Can I get my AC checked?

AC checks are done when temps are above 60 degrees. Give us a call and we will get you on the schedule. If you have an appointment scheduled and it falls in a cold snap we’ll be contacting you to reschedule for a warmer day coming up.

What if I have turned on my AC already?

Outdoor cooling units are built to endure snowy weather conditions. However, if you have ice that often forms on the roof above your air conditioner, then we recommend putting a piece of plywood over the top of it to reduce the possibility of damage from falling ice.

You can count on not counting on Colorado weather… but you can count on Brothers! Let’s enjoy the moisture while it lasts, then welcome summer when it arrives. It’s right around the corner.