Prepare for Winter 2020 – Pre-Winter Home Service Tips and Tricks

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With an extra hour in the day — and winter on the way — it’s a good time for a seasonal home preparedness checklist!

Winter is coming! It’s practically here! As you circle the house, resetting clocks, decorating, and making merry, always make sure you leave some time to run through this short checklist of pre-winter home service tips and tricks. We promise it’ll go a long way towards preventing several holiday and winter-related catastrophes!

Change the Clocks and Batteries

Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors save lives! Well, they can save lives if and only if a fresh battery powers them. Safety experts recommend replacing smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries twice a year–so celebrate Time Change Sunday with new batteries all around. Energy savings hint: don’t toss the replaced batteries just yet. While they’re likely not fully charged, replaced batteries can still do duty in children’s toys, media players, or electronic devices. Squeeze the last drop of power out of them before you recycle!

Replace Light Bulbs

Long dark winter evenings call for a little light! Since you’ll have stepladders out to reach smoke detectors and clocks on Sunday, double up on safety (and energy savings) by checking for light bulbs and fixtures. Consider replacing conventional bulbs with energy-efficient compact fluorescent (CFL) or LCD bulbs.

Check Your Heating and Cooling Systems

Maintenance is absolutely vital for responsible homeownership. Anyone who has had to replace an HVAC system knows it can be costly for a brand new system. Proper maintenance can help lengthen the life of your system and avoid expensive repairs. Every year have your system looked at by a Brothers HVAC technician to save you costly heartache in the long hall.

Schedule a Water Heater Flush

On a gas water heater, the sediment creates hot spots that can damage the tank and cause premature failure. On an electric water heater, sediment buildup can cause the lower heating element to fail. Flushing offers a payback in lower energy bills and extended heater life.

Change the Rotation of Your Ceiling Fans

Clockwise is the correct rotation for winter. The fan blades should send air upward to disrupt the warm air that collects near the ceiling and disperse it downward. This is particularly effective in rooms with high or vaulted ceilings and rooms with stoves or fireplaces.

Well, there you have it: a shortlist of easy to follow pre-winter home service tips and tricks. Follow this quick and simple list, and we promise that your winter and holiday season will go as smoothly as possible. However, if you do wind up with a home service problem this winter, then you can always count on the Better Business Bureau accredited experts here at Brothers Plumbing Heating & Electric. Contact us for assistance today. We’re always standing by to help!