Thermal Expansion Tanks and Your Water Heater

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Thermal expansion is the term used to describe the phenomenon of water expanding in volume as it is heated. The installation of a thermal expansion tank can protect the system from the damaging effects of thermal expansion and increased pressure. When it comes to expansion tanks, the plumbers here at Brothers Plumbing, Heating and Electric are standing by to help.

Benefits of a Thermal Expansion Tank

When water is heated it expands, this is called thermal expansion. Thermal expansion creates pressure which puts stress on the water heater tank which can reduce the service life of the water heater. The thermal expansion tank reduces the pressure and stress on the water heater tank.

Signs of Thermal Expansion Tank Problems

There are several signs of thermal expansion tank problems. One physical sign of thermal expansion would be a dripping or leaking temperature & and pressure (T & P) relief valve. If you notice leaking or dripping on your expansion tank, call us immediately.

The Dangers Of A Faulty Expansion Tank

A failing water heater expansion tank can lead to numerous dangerous situations, including:

  • Failed Parts – A failing thermal expansion tank can lead to other critical parts failing. These parts can include the flu, the tank itself, the fittings, and the connectors.
  • Collapsed Flu – If a failed thermal expansion tank has caused the flu system to collapse or fail, it can expose everyone in your building to poisonous gases such as carbon monoxide (CO). 
  • Ruptured Tank – If the thermal expansion tank fails and the main tank of the water heater ruptures, it can cause damage and flood your space.

Thermal Expansion Tank Repair, Replacement and Installation

Here at Brothers Plumbing, Heating, and Electric, we pride ourselves on offering reliable thermal expansion tank repair, replacement, and installation services. Our team of expansion tank specialists is always standing by to help you with your expansion tank problems. They can even install one if your system is lacking. Regardless of your expansion tank needs, we have you covered.

Brothers Plumbing, Heating & Electric can install and service all brands, sizes, and models of expansion tanks for your home or business.